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BPM Skills – What to expect in 2024?

What to expect in 2024? Which skills will be hot? Zbigniew Misiak, who blogs about Business Process Management (BPM) at BPM Tips, asked 10+ BPM experts which skills are useful for process professionals as we move into 2024 and beyond. Serge Schiltz and Naïla van Kommer's contribution is below.

Nextcloud Conference Report

This year's Nextcloud conference, which took place on September 16-17 2023 in Berlin, Germany, featured the Nextcloud Hub 6 announcement and some wonderful workshops that introduced us to tons of ways to learn more and get involved with Nextcloud. The report is by Kirsten Hauck, software developer at processCentric.

Mind the BPMN skill gap

Business processes are everywhere. Order fulfillment, invoice processing, employee onboarding, customer complaint handling, you name it! Organizations that have mapped them out have a competitive advantage. Let’s review why BPMN is one of the keys and how to get there.

HERMES 2022 edition: What changes?

The HERMES method has been updated and expanded to reflect contemporary project management practices, and now fully integrates agile methods. HERMES 2022 thus offers a coherent framework enabling project managers to use classic, agile or hybrid methods flexibly, depending on the requirements of their projects.

Obtaining a HERMES certification in an efficient way

Do you need a HERMES certification to obtain a mandate? Do you want to use the HERMES method to manage your projects? Do you want to certify one or more employees to ensure the quality of your services? A classic HERMES Foundation (typically 2 days) or Advanced (typically 3 to 4 days) certification preparation course will block you for several days, which for a consultant translates into a significant loss of earnings. In order to maintain more flexibility, you may be inclined to study the HERMES Reference Manual on your own instead. But how can you be sure that you are sufficiently prepared to pass the exam? On the Internet you will find some sample exam questions, but complete and realistic mock exams? In the following, we present innovative solutions that allow each candidate to discover, assimilate and practice for the certification at their own pace.