MBTI Step I is a powerful and versatile personality type assessment that provides a foundation for a deep understanding of personal motivation and group interactions. It can be used for a variety of personal and business problems and can be re-applied as new challenges arise.


The psychological inventory for estimating the MBTI is usually carried out in two steps, by first filling out a questionnaire. The questionnaire contains a series of dichotomous questions (each with two possible answers), which can also be left unanswered. Graduations such as "rather yes" or "rather no" are not possible. Afterwards, in a consultation lasting about two hours, the client identifies his or her own personality type, compares it with the results of the questionnaire and validates it himself or herself without the influence of the consultant. Based on the identified personality type, strategies for achieving personal goals are then developed.

Improve communication

Good communication is the basis of all human interactions and therefore essential for the smooth running of any company. Clear, accurate communication can reduce waste of effort and resources and avoid frustrating delays. But even the best communicators can be misunderstood and need help to optimize their skills. Those who learn to align their communication style with their counterparts can reach people of all stripes.

Conflict management

When we understand our own personality and that of the people at our workplace, we begin to recognize how conflict situations arise and learn to deal with them constructively. By identifying their own personality type, people learn how to quickly recognize their habitual conflict management style and how to adjust their response to the type of conflict in question.

Management Development

Leadership is an essential part of every company. Effective leaders provide the direction and direction that are essential to achieving goals while avoiding operational inefficiencies and waste of resources. Under effective leadership, most employees are willing to give their best to a company. They thus contribute to a smooth and dynamic business process. Different situations require different management styles.