HERMES 2022 Essential

Guide for the HERMES 2022 Foundation and Advanced certifications

For almost 50 years, HERMES has proven itself as a project management method in the Swiss administration, for the last 15 years also in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg under the name QUAPITAL-HERMES and in many other organizations in Switzerland and abroad. The demand for certification training for this easy-to-use method is high.

Since the author has been giving HERMES training courses, however, he has been confronted with the problem that the HERMES reference manual is certainly a very good reference book, structured, alphabetically ordered . . . but completely useless for learning the method.

For this reason, the course instructors usually use a set of slides as an additional support, either the one provided by DTI or another set of slides developed by the training institute. "What was missing, in my opinion, was an easily readable publication that would guide the reader through the elements of the method with a common thread." Since Serge Schiltz likes to give his course participants a compact book to read, he decided to fill this gap.



processCentric GmbH was founded in 2015 by Serge Schiltz. In his work as a process management and project management expert in various industries, but especially in the financial services sector, he was able to gain broad experience in designing business processes and implementing change projects. His focus has always been on the beneficial implementation of concepts that support effective business management.