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Unified Memory Management System

In object-oriented programming languages, the locality of methods that manipulate exactly one object contrasts with the globality of transactions used to access databases. To enable the programmer to define methods without knowing the context in which they are executed, the author defines a new concept, the atomic method, which can be used instead of transactions in most situations. An interesting application of the concept of the Atomic method is the Unified Memory Management System, which presents to the user the entire set of memories of a computer as one large, uniform and persistent object memory.



processCentric GmbH was founded in 2015 by Serge Schiltz. In his work as a process management and project management expert in various industries, but especially in the financial services sector, he was able to gain broad experience in designing business processes and implementing change projects. His focus has always been on the beneficial implementation of concepts that support effective business management.



Publisher: Peter Lang AG, International Publishing House of Sciences

    Series: European University Studies, Series 41 (Computer Science), Volume 393
    ISBN: 978-1541088009 (Paperback)