While the core business of a company is carried out with daily repeated and well-rehearsed processes, projects are defined as one-off undertakings with a specific goal and a start and end date.

Managing projects means initiating, planning, controlling, leading, monitoring and, if possible, successfully concluding such one-off undertakings. All projects have structured phases and interim goals in common, which serve to check the progress of the project and, if necessary, to initiate corrective measures in the event of deviations from the goals.

We follow a risk-based approach to project management in order to bring your project safely to its goal. Of course, we follow your specific reporting requirements, and in addition we systematically and closely monitor the elements that are of key importance in our experience, such as progress and risks. For this approach, we have developed a methodology and proprietary tools that allow us to manage the relevant project management processes very efficiently. We would be happy to introduce you to our riskCentric project management.