Processes all have in common that they require a trigger (input, trigger), which they process or handle in the actual process, and that they end with a result (output, goal). In addition to quality, the duration and the use of resources are relevant for the activities involved in a process - these three levers are where process optimization comes in: Lead time, cost/effort and quality of results.

The goal of process optimization is your customer with his needs. This means that the focus is on the consistent alignment of all activities and operations along your corporate value chain.

The starting point of a process optimization is the analysis of the currently applied processes. Together with your process owners, we then redesign the existing process chains for cross-divisional efficiency increases, all the way to preparing for a digital transformation. This can include redesigning tasks, responsibilities and competencies along digital process chains.

To keep your processes lean and agile, we choose the LEAN approach. LEAN is a methodology for simplifying and continuously improving your processes that focuses on eliminating any type of waste (e.g., time, space, effort, cost). In this way, qualitatively satisfactory results can be achieved not only in industrial production, but also in the service sector and administration, with targeted value-added work activity.