Rapid Assessment and Recovery of Troubled Projects

Again and again, projects are in a critical state and threaten to fail unless immediate action is taken. In order to get a project back on track in the short term, a project manager must take the right steps quickly, energetically, precisely and purposefully. He must quickly assess the situation of the endangered project, initiate the turnaround and finally stabilize it.

After a quick but thorough analysis of the at-risk project, a solid recovery plan is drawn up with the aim of achieving a stable condition. The ultimate goal is the stability of the project, i.e. a controlled situation in which a predicted project progress is achieved. Usually, however, the originally planned goals can no longer be achieved. For this reason, a project remediation necessarily requires the close involvement of the project client: he must prioritize the project goals, commit to the remediation plan or otherwise terminate the project.

Thanks to our experience in the successful implementation of projects as well as the remediation of endangered projects, we are able to support you in the frustrating situation of a project that has got out of control.