HERMES 2022: Discover the latest edition of the HERMES project management method

HERMES, the Swiss project management method, offers a modular, flexible approach to meeting your organization's project management needs. HERMES offers scenarios that can be adapted to align with your specific objectives.  

Since April 2023, the new version of the HERMES method, edition 2022, has become the standard. HERMES 2022 has been updated to keep pace with contemporary project management practices, in particular with deeper integration of agility and modeling of the hybrid approach.   

In Switzerland, HERMES is the de facto standard for project management in public administration. In the QUAPITAL-HERMES variant, the same applies to Luxembourg. The advantages of HERMES are its simplicity, flexibility, direct applicability and wide distribution.  

With HERMES 2022, project management professionals have an even more powerful tool at their disposal to bring their projects to fruition, aligning best practices with the specific needs of their organization. 

HERMES 2022 training courses 

Discover our unique "blended" training approach, combining flexible online courses with interactive face-to-face (or virtual) sessions. With our program, as soon as you register, you have access to our online courses, enabling you to learn at your own pace and acquire the basics even before the face-to-face (or virtual) training day. What's more, you can then return to the online course to deepen your knowledge and practice through our exam simulations, so you're ready to take your exam with the certification body TÜV SÜD. 

Our HERMES 2022 "blended" training courses are available in English, French and German: 

You can also purchase HERMES 2022 eLearning modules (which include exam simulations) to study and prepare for exams at your own pace, or only the exam simulations if you have already taken a HERMES 2022 training course.

HERMES 5.1 training courses  

As projects continue to work with HERMES 5.1, our HERMES 5 courses continue to be available on request.  

If you have any questions about the validity of certificates or the availability of 5.1 exams, please visit the website of the TÜV SÜD Examination Institute certification body.   

Intra-enterprise training  

Interested in an in-house group training course? Please contact us to discuss the options available.