In order to promote "thinking in processes" and awareness for the relevance of business processes among your employees, we have developed a configurable process simulation. We simulate a business process from your specific field of activity in a training room. Unlike in reality, all participants in the process are together in one room and experience in a practical example that the known, apparently well-functioning business processes can only be improved together. For improvement, mainly lean methods are being applied.

In this process simulation, we consciously refrain from using IT systems. It is the goal of the participants to fundamentally improve the paper-based process, without the use of the "silver bullet" of information technology.

In order to make the simulation appear as real as possible, it is configured specifically for your needs with price or wage structure, products, roles, decision criteria, places and names modeled after your market.

As part of a process management training or a teambuilding event in your organization with 12 up to 20 participants , we tailor this instructive and entertaining module specifically to your needs.