With CMMN (Case Management Model and Notation), OMG has created another standard for systematically analyzing and automating business processes for greater transparency.
In case management, a highly structured, sequential processing of tasks is often not possible or does not correspond to the business reality. The representation of these processes by means of flowcharts, e.g. modeled with BPMN, is therefore not effective.
In this course, you will get to know CMMN and use practical examples to describe the processes that can be performed flexibly by knowledge workers.

Course duration

1 day

Details and content

  • Adaptive Case Management
  • Basic elements of CMMN 1.1
  • First practical case studies
  • Case plan model
  • Case file
  • Participants
  • Planning tables
  • Activities
  • Sentries
  • Event listeners
  • Milestones
  • Connectors
  • Plan fragments and stages
  • Practical exercises

Benefits / Learning Goals

  • Knowledge of the CMMN 1.1 elements
  • Correct, meaningful and clear presentation of flexible business processes
  • Practical use of CMMN in combination with BPMN and DMN
  • Being able assess which modeling conventions you need to successfully deploy CMMN 1.1 in your organization


You can acquire the "processCentric CMMN 1.1 Expert" certificate by taking a multiple choice exam and submitting a complex modeling task.

Methodology / Didactics

The concepts, methods and relationships are presented in the course in a way to promote a practice-oriented understanding of decision modeling with CMMN 1.1. The participants deepen their understanding by resolving practical exercises.

Course documents / Resources

  • Slideset
  • Modeling tool of your choice or processCentric CMMN Modeler (is made available)

Target groups

Beginning and experienced process management specialists who want to model cases clearly and accurately for specific target groups.


  • Knowledge of process modelling with BPMN 2.0
  • Basic knowledge or initial experience in business process management

Prices and Course dates